How Vivid Pods stand out from the competition:

The building materials used by Vivid are a league apart from the competition allowing the sort of slick finish associated with a retail premises, but with a quick installation and better insulation than a traditional timber build.

Vivid Pods enjoy leveraging their specialist skills – a component of Vivid Interiors Group is Vivid Electrics, where installing Automation Solutions to make life easier and wow customers is their bread and butter. It is not just about the finish and the speed of build it is also about the experience. So extending your Alexa network to the garden room and installing a Hive system, to ensure that the temperature is exactly what you want it to be when you walk in at the start of the day, is just one of the advantages of a Vivid Pod.

Future enhancements to the Vivid Pods range

✓ Solar power panels can be installed to give free electricity during the day and high-powered Lithium Batteries can store that energy and run the pods after dark.
✓ Eco roofs can be installed to help your garden room blend in with the environment with a Sedum Eco Roof. Sedum offer a wide a range of moss and wildflower products for use on green roofs.
✓ Cedar or Thermowood Pegula can be installed to your Vivid Pod (Available on ranges and in dimensions to suit to provide shade for your garden room.
✓ Hidden Storage Options such as vertical bike racks can be fitted to the side of your Vivid Pod.
✓ Pop-Out Bar increase the versatility of your Vivid Pod with a matching Pop Out Bar or BBQ.

Make Working from Home Your New Normal

In recent weeks, millions of people have been working from home for the first time. As companies and employees begin to realise the benefits of remote working, more and more people are eager to incorporate this flexible approach into their regular routines. While working from home is expected to be far more prevalent in the future, you’ll need to ensure that you have a quiet place to focus if you want to build your career from a remote location.

If you’re enjoying working from home but you’re struggling to find a tranquil place to hold virtual meetings or you’re constantly moving from your kitchen to your living area, a bespoke garden office could be just what you need. With a 10 second commute to work and a dedicated workspace to enjoy, you can increase your productivity and up your game, even when you’re working remotely.

At Vivid Pods, we don’t just give you a space to work. We ensure you have a fully functional garden office that serves as a base for you to build your career or launch a business. With a team of highly experienced in-house installers, we handle everything from the ground up. Built in accordance with all relevant regulations and fitted with seamless electrical power, you can enjoy bespoke lighting options, high-speed internet connectivity and even air conditioning in your newly installed garden office.

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