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Creative Ways to Make Use of Your Garden Pod at Home

Garden pods look amazing in your garden, and you might have purchased one for that purpose. However, aside from the beauty it adds, you may not have much use for it. Well, not in the way you think.

It is time that you let your imagination run wild. You can find all new uses for your garden pod by reading our suggestions below.

1. Your Own Art Studio

You might be an artist, or you are inspired to become one. But you haven’t found the perfect place to practice. A garden pod is an ideal place for you to create your art.

After all, it is the perfect size for you to fit inside. You can turn it into a small workshop for your art supplies. You can even add a glass window on the side to take inspiration outdoors when you are working inside.

2. A Workout Room

Do you want to build a gym at home? Well, nothing is stopping you from doing it. A garden pod can act as an excellent garden gym. You might not have enough space to create your gym indoors, and this is the best solution for you.

If you have the right gear, you can use your garden pod as a studio for yoga or other types of workouts. The best part is you get the feeling of working outdoors, which can be motivating.

3. A Makeup and Beauty Room

It is time to say goodbye to the tiny bathroom in your home. If your garden pod is large enough, you can turn it into a makeup and beauty room.

You can install a mirror and transfer your makeup and beauty tools for your hair and makeup inside. You can even add lights for your convenience. Another brilliant idea is to add a background and some props so that you can take your glamour shots in your pod.

4. A Child’s Playroom

Your child is probably bored of their playroom at home. It is time to bring a little bit more excitement to their life. You can turn your garden pod into a mini playroom. It will be the perfect size for your kid.

You can also decorate it to ensure that your kid is attracted to it. You can add a door on one side or different colours to make it look fun. Just make sure to childproof anything unsafe. This will give your child a new environment and privacy of their own.

5. A Small Woodworking Room

If you are in the business of building and fixing things, you can turn your pod into a small woodworking room. You do not have to worry about having limited space inside your home or having to clean up the mess afterwards.

You can use it as a creative space to build all the furniture and woodwork that you need without disturbing anyone or anyone disturbing you. Make it more convenient for you and everyone at home to create the stuff you need.


A garden pod can be more than just a beautiful outdoor addition. You can use it to create a lot of different rooms inside that you can use for various purposes. You can use your imagination to repurpose it and bring it to life.

If you want your own garden studio pod, you can get one installed by Vivid Pods. We offer different pods for your needs and the possibilities are endless. Contact us for further details.