How to really help your staff work from home

Transform your employees' work-from-home experience with a Vivid Pod

Sharing the kitchen table with the kids, while they do online learning or squeezed into a tiny corner of a spare room are not ideal spots to do great work from home.

Unfortunately, few people were prepared for the huge rise in remote working due to the pandemic, and even fewer have a dedicated space where they can focus distraction-free in comfort. A situation that can lead to poor productivity, more mistakes, and a whole heap of extra stress!

Vivid Pods provide the perfect work from home space!

The good news is that all your remote working worries can be solved by investing in an attractive, and robust Vivid Pod that can be quickly and easily built in the garden. Our pods provide practical space that is guaranteed for 10 years and can be used for any purpose you see fit, including as a home office, or comfortable meeting room.

One of the best things about Vivid Pods is their ability to reduce working from home stress, as users can close the door at the end of the day and get a much better separation between work and personal life. Of course, they can also close the door during the working day, something that can make all the difference when it comes to productivity and focus!

In fact, many businesses that have bought our Vivid Pods found that their employees love the extra space so much that they were only too happy to buy them back for themselves at the end of their lease. Either keeping them in their original position or making use of their easy assembly and transportable nature and setting them up elsewhere.

What makes Vivid Pods so special?

Vivid pods differ from their closest competition because they are insulated, and come with a whole heap of extras such as electricity, air conditioning, and wi-fi. All of which will enhance the user's experience and ensure a productive working environment. Vivi Pods can even be fitted with smart heating that is controlled remotely through apps like HIVE or Alexia, something that means the user can ensure the internal temperature is just right, well before they first enter the pod in the morning.

Vivid pods are also great for...

Providing a pleasant environment in which your employees can focus isn’t the only benefit to investing in a Vivid Pod, as they can also be used both for a range of other after-hours functions including as a hyde to watch nature or the ideal place to practice your golf swing (and if you stock it with spirits a great 19th hole as well!).

Vivid Pods can even be used as guest rooms and either for family or paying guests, or a base for profitable business such as photography studios, beauty studios, and dog grooming facilities. We have even seen them successfully be used as a warm and comfortable bedroom for an aged parent when they need a little extra care or supervision, but want to retain some privacy.

Of course, the uses for your Vivid Pod are really only limited by your imagination as they can also make ideal art or recording studios, music practice places, and even sensory rooms for kids with special needs.

Why choose Vivid Pods?

With plenty of pods, sheds, and summer houses on the market, you are probably wondering why you should choose a Vivid Pod? Well, first of all, unlike other studio installation companies we offer a complete end-to-end service. That means from the moment you make your initial inquiry all the way through to aftercare and everything in between you will deal with and be supported by our expert team and no one else.

You can also be safe in the knowledge that our team is well versed in Professional Prince 2 project management techniques, which means you will know precisely what to expect from our service, and that there will be no unpleasant surprises to worry about along the way.

Here at Vivid Pods we also understand that while the benefits of additional, comfortable, usable space are many, covering the full cost in a single payment can be a challenge, even for the most successful of businesses. That is why we also offer a finance option, especially for limited companies available via our partners Reality Finance.

So, if you are looking to provide the perfect work from home space for your business, complete our simple inquiry form, today!

Transform your employees' work-from-home experience with a Vivid Pod

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