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Tips For Creating A Space For Family Entertainment In Your Garden

The pandemic has changed the way we interact and engage with the people around us. We wear masks and remain socially and physically distant while doing our best to act as if we are living ‘life as usual’. While this has been an effective measure at reducing the spread of the virus, government restrictions have been loosened since the first lockdown and people are allowed to gather in small groups.

Creating A Night Out, In

Although we are being allowed to gather in small groups with people outside of our homes, many businesses are still not open, or they are open at reduced capacity, making it difficult to plan a night out. It’s for that reason that many families have found new ways to have a ‘night out’ from the comfort of their own homes or garden areas. From scheduling family game nights, to creating a bistro experience at home, the creativity is quite impressive sometimes.

With that in mind, however, Vivid Pods has a way that families can make the most out of spring and summer regardless of the lockdown and COVID restrictions. Their innovative garden rooms, which have been used successfully by the new generation of home workers, have a fun, playful side that many didn’t see coming.

Garden Rooms As Pubs, Home Theatres, And More

Instead of having a garden room built to use as a home office, why not turn it into your own personal pub, game room, home theatre, or whatever your family enjoys most? With some easy decorating advice and home DIY tips, you can turn your garden room into just about anything you like. Add a projector, drop down screen, and some comfy sofas and have your own personal home theatre where you and your friends can watch your favourite films without the long lines and expensive ticket prices of the local cinema.

Benefits Of A Garden Room From Vivid Pods

There are many benefits of building a garden room from Vivid Pods on your property. Garden rooms can save you money by giving you a theatre, pub, or gaming experience in the comfort of your own home. You’ll also save time as you won’t need to wait in traffic or long lines at your favourite date night spots. Garden rooms can also keep you and your family safer by reducing the need to go out and expose yourself to the virus.

Contact Vivid Pods

To learn more tips for creating a space for family entertainment in your garden, contact Vivid Pods today and speak with a bespoke garden office professional who can answer any questions you might have.

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