Our favourite garden room trends of the year

Our favourite garden room trends of the year

Dual Use Garden Space

Arguably the pandemic has made us all think about what a garden office can do for us. The Vivid pods range of garden studios are perfectly set up to turn your garden into an outdoor usable dual purpose space

We have undertaken a handful of projects during the current lockdown which offer just this

From garden office, home gyms, yoga studios, cinema rooms, pet grooming, physiotherapy, hobby studios, bbq/bar room, pool house.

Smart Lighting

While smart lighting seems to be an expensive trend, the fact is that it doesn’t need to cost the earth! Subtle lighting designs combined with smart app controlled lighting technology combines the past, present, and future at a relatively low starting price of £100!

Cedar/Thermowood/composite cladding

Cladding with a shadow gap design is most certainly in trend right now. And if you are

interested in just how trendy this is, check out the Southville Eco Pod on our Garden Pods page.

We have various cladding options from Cedar, thermowood, larch, composite, render and many more

Space Saving

While minimalist living is in, when it comes to the perfect garden studio, space saving is a must!

We can help design the internal layout and not compromise on style or your needs

Decking & raised garden sleepers

Decking and raised garden sleepers with a well throughout garden lighting arrangement add a touch of class to any back garden and also adds value to your home, whilst creation a functional usable space year round

Whether you’re in the process of deciding on a garden studio from our range or just thinking about it, please get in contact with us and we can chat through our various options available.